The Austrian Coordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation was founded in Vienna in 1956 as a branch of the Catholic peace movement “Pax Christi”. In 1965 it was constituted as an inter-denominational association in which Christians and representatives of the Jewish communities have joined together. It is the only formal inter-religious association in Austria where members of different faiths cooperate on an equal status. Looking back in our history we have to name two extraordinary personalities to whom we owe much, Prof. Kurt Schubert and Sr. Hedwig Wahle from the order “Our Lady of Zion”. Both were instrumental in founding our organization.

The Committee is the Austrian member of the International Council of Christians and Jews ICCJ. In 2006 it hosted the ICCJ Annual Conference. Its theme “Encounter with History – Learning for the Future” focussed the main themes the organization is dealing with.