Interreligious Outreach

nr-sitzungssaalHaving grown out of the shock and dismay about the Shoah the Coordinating Committee endeavours to take stock of and analyse available material on enmity against Jews. It develops methods for cooperation between Jews and Christians in pedagogy, theology and politics. Therefore the Committee is fostering the change of attitudes since Nostra Aetate.
The report of activities lists more or less the same work as every other of our partner organizations: organizing conferences, preparing lectures, editing a quarterly magazine and running a website. We set up a specialized library that can be visited and used by the public. Besides theological questions also under the historical aspect of Christian anti-Semitism other themes of conferences and seminars are globalisation, social and educational questions, xenophobia. A focus of these activities is the cycle of lectures “Church and Judaism” in the frame of the Jewish Institute for Adult Education in Vienna each semester.