Scholary Pursuits

ecclesia-synagoga5Although the activities of the Austrian Coordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation are mostly on the field of adult-education, we run a scholarly documentation project of the representation of Jews and Judaism in Christian art in history and the present in Austria. We try to heighten awareness of anti-Semitic expressions in art but particularly present positive examples too. The awareness of these pieces can be a starting point for discussing the achievements of Christian-Jewish renewal in the Churches since II Vatican Council.
An exhibit “Ecclesia and Synagoga” was organized in 2003 (Vienna) and 2010/ 11 (Altenburg) showing negative representations of Judaism in Christian art beginning in the 10th century up till our time. It was shown at the Museum of the Archdiocese of Vienna and was a great success. In 2012 we presented first results of our collection on a scholarly conference in Graz. In was the first time that the presentation of Jews and Judaism were discussed in a public forum in Austria.
The library of the Christian-Jewish Information Centre in Vienna containing about 4500 volumes is consulted by students and scholars who appreciate the pertinence of the provided material. In 1998 our organization supported a survey among Catholic priests in Austria on their attitude to Jews and topics of Christian-Jewish dialogue.
Our quarterly magazine “Dialog-Du Siach/ Christian-Jewish Information” is one of the few publications on Christian-Jewish relations in German language and the only one in Austria. It imparts aspects of the worldwide scholarly discussion and ecclesiastical statements to the readers in Austria and points to its relevance for teaching and preaching.